Izzy's Story

'I found something I really like doing, and now I am going to be the first in my family to get a degree. That makes me proud – and I hope it makes my family proud too.'

My Future
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Study options
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Money & other challenges
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Getting in
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Life as a Student
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‘Just because you didn’t do great at school doesn’t mean you can’t go to uni. I found something I really like doing, and now I am going to be the first in my family to get a degree. That makes me proud – and I hope it makes my family proud.’

Izzy, like many young men, played football and music in his spare time and thought he’d follow in his dad’s footsteps and work as a labourer. School days were about having fun with his mates and hanging out for the weekend sport. Izzy never thought that his school marks mattered as he’d never thought about needing them to do anything after high school.

That all changed when a teacher took him and some classmates to a university open day and he met some people studying sport and music – things he never knew you could study at uni.  Studying after high school suddenly started to look more interesting.

Izzy began to think that TAFE or uni might be an option, so he did some research online about it. When it all got too confusing he called up a student support centre and that helped him make the decision to give uni study a go.

The second half of Year 12 was difficult at home. Consequently, Izzy missed some school, so he didn’t do too well in his HSC, but through the Educational Access Scheme managed to get bonus points that helped get him into a course for a first year at university.

Izzy’s parents couldn’t afford to help pay his fees so he got a government loan, a university scholarship for his first year, and also works part-time on the weekend to help support himself. 

The first few weeks at uni were challenging for Izzy, but he got lots of help with assignments from university staff and made lots of new friends through playing sport. He’s coping with assignments well with assistance from the tutoring centre and was really proud to get good marks for a recent assignment. 

Izzy is really happy to be studying something he is interested in, and to know that after graduating he can get a well-paid job and save some money to help his family out. He jokes that even though his dad wasn’t too keen on him going to uni at first – he’s proud now – he’s waiting for Izzy to buy him a new car when he starts working.

Izzy's Journey

  • Wasn’t doing well at school - but ended up at university open day and thought what he saw wasn’t too bad.
  • Went online to look at his options at TAFE and uni - 'I spoke to someone who helped me a lot' - and found a course he liked. But he had a bit of trouble getting his dad to think it was a good idea.
  • Worried about how he was going to pay for study, but applied for a government loan and got a uni scholarship. Started at uni and was so nervous in his first week about how he would fit in.
  • After first year decided to follow a career in sport. Settled into uni life well. He joined a sports team and got lots of help from support staff with assignments and is getting great marks now.
  • Didn’t have a good ATAR, but got into uni through the Educational Access Scheme bonus points.