Indigenous Models of Achievement

Resources from the Bridges to Higher Education program and its partners offer teachers an extensive range of opportunities for working with students towards careers that will suit them.

These materials are teaching resources designed to be used with the Indigenous Models of Achievement videos (included here). See How to use this site with students for some ideas about incorporating the videos and resources into lessons.

Indigenous Models of Achievement is a series of inspiring stories of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people from diverse backgrounds who have been successful in pursuing careers through higher education. Aimed at students aged 14 years old and up, it shows the pathways to higher education these people have taken.

There are 10 episodes in the current Indigenous Models of Achievement series. Each of the episodes has been mapped to Stages 4 to 6 of the current Australian Curriculum and NSW Board of Studies Teaching Standards, covering curriculum outcomes as well as cross-curriculum priorities and general capabilities. For each episode suggested classroom activities (see below) are included for each relevant stage, including resources for teacher and student research.

These resources provide teachers with a curriculum road map from Years 7 to 12, showing where relevant activities relating to the episodes fit within the various syllabus areas and stages they are teaching, including resource sites for further reference and research. 


Indigenous Excellence - Write Your Own Story

This brochure informs and encourages Indigenous students to give university a go, by telling the stories of young people just like you who have already taken the challenge. Through education young Indigenous Australians have improved the lives in their communities, challenged stereo-types and made innovative contributions to Australian society - you could be next!