Models of Achievement

The Models of Achievement website follows the stories of a number of Australians who – against the odds – have pursued their ambitions via university education.

Models of Achievement is a series of inspiring stories from determined Australians pursuing a career through higher education. Aimed at students aged 14 years old and up, it shows the pathways to higher education taken by people from diverse backgrounds who have been successful in pursuing their goals.

Currently, there are 20 episodes in the Models of Achievement series. Each episode has been mapped to Stages 4 to 6 of the current Australian Curriculum and NSW Board of Studies Teaching Standards, covering curriculum outcomes as well as cross-curriculum priorities and general capabilities. For each episode suggested classroom activities (see below) are included for each relevant stage, including resources for teacher and student research.

The resources included here provide teachers with a curriculum road map from Years 7 to 12, showing where relevant activities relating to the episodes fit within the various syllabus areas and stages they are teaching, including resource sites for further reference and research.