Enquiring Minds

A useful resource from the Bridges to Education program, the Enquiring Minds television series and website is designed for children in primary and early secondary school. It explores the pathways from interests to careers.

Enquiring Minds is an inspirational new television series and website which aims to help children in primary and early secondary school turn their passion into a career through higher education. Episodes feature young students talking about their interests  – animals, robots, computer games, etc – and links them with an academic or researcher who explains how he or she turned that hobby into a career.  

Teachers are able to utilise a complete resource of relevant activities linked to the most up-to-date national curriculum outcomes, and provide a curriculum road map from Years 3 to 10, showing where episodes fit within the various syllabus areas and stages they are teaching, including resource sites for further reference and research.

TV series episodes

There are 21 episodes (links to each below) featuring a diverse range of interests. Great starting points that will get children thinking about their futures, they have been mapped to Stages 2 to 5 of the current Australian Curriculum and NSW Board of Studies Teaching Standards, covering curriculum outcomes as well as cross-curriculum priorities and general capabilities.

Each episode of the television series is included, along with a profile of an expert in the field, suggested classroom activities for each relevant stage with worksheets included for Stages 2 and 3 and a certificate of achievement to hand out to students on completion of the activities.