Choosing where to study

You want to go on to further education and get some qualifications. Making it happen means deciding where you are going to study.

The right place

The choice is easier if you know what you’re going to study. The qualification you want can also determine the type of institution you enrol in. For most three-year degrees you need to go to university, whereas TAFE and the Canberra Institute of Technology (CIT) both offer a huge choice of certificate and diploma courses.

What if I can’t move to be near a campus?

There are lots of flexible study options. If you want to study on campus, the course you choose may be determined by where you live and what educational opportunities are available there.  You may be able to study the course you are interested in online or by distance.

What kind of institution?

When you are deciding whether to go to university, TAFE or CIT, it helps to understand the different types of institutions. Some courses are available at all institution types.

Universities offer ‘academic’ or higher education courses such as arts or science, but they also provide vocational courses – for example, accountancy and nursing. Entry to some professions, such as architecture or dentistry, requires a degree that you can only get by studying at a university. TAFE and the CIT tend to concentrate on more practical or 'vocational' courses, although some also offer degrees.