I'm in Year 11 or 12: what next?

It’s probably already started – the question: ‘What are you going to do after school?’ If you still haven’t a clue, take a deep breath because you’re definitely not alone.

It is time to set some foundations now to choose a course for your career.  By not choosing a direction, you may keep yourself from a career you really want. 

Everyone wants to be able to answer the ‘what are you going to do’ question with something they know they are going to enjoy and be good at. The path to further study is a significant factor in getting there, and that is where this website can help.

What’s holding you back?

You may already have your career in mind and be on the right path, choosing the right subjects in your HSC.  However, it is OK if you are not there yet.

Future-finding tip:  You will probably need to do some research before you feel prepared to jump in one direction.  This website offers the facts about further study and practical tips so that you find a satisfying career.

'I started looking at things I was good at. Do you know you can study fun subjects like sport and music?'

— Izzy , 18 PE Student

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Don’t stress, it’s not too late

You may have elected the wrong subjects or your marks haven’t achieved the scores you hoped. Get some help and find a way to turn it around. Although it might seem that everything depends on your ATAR, there are others ways to get into courses. These methods can take longer than having the perfect ATAR, but it’s quite common to be accepted into courses once you prove you can handle the study and the workload.

Fact: Australia has educated 11 Nobel Prize winners over the last century in the fields of science, medicine and literature.

— Study in Australia

Tackling choices

The number of choices can actually be overwhelming, considering that not everyone is a standout in just one thing.  Thinking about your options though will open your eyes up to opportunities along the way.

A fulfilling career will lead to a better life, and the reality is that most careers these days do require you to study after school.

Still finding it hard to decide?

Make an appointment with your teachers and careers adviser; they are there to help you with your career choices. Open days at university and TAFE (or CIT in ACT) happen regularly and they give you the opportunity to talk to teachers and people from different industries. Another way to find out more is to talk to people in the career you’re interested in, or contact businesses that work in that area and see if you can arrange some work experience.

Keep your options open

If you are considering different paths, keep a shortlist of a few possibilities. Even if you get into a particular course you can always defer your studies and make the decision after some time off. The key thing is to keep your options open by applying to study what you are interested in.