What do I want to do with my life?

Flexible learning enables you to be in control of your study timetable. With multiple lectures, tutorials and classes running for the same subjects throughout the week, studying is now easier to work around your other life commitments.

Consider education

Going on to University or TAFE to learn skills and gain knowledge about something you’re interested in can help you to build a satisfying career.

By obtaining a higher education qualification, your earning capacity is higher than those without a qualification.

Fact: The 2015 median annual starting salary for new bachelor degree graduates was $53,000 for women and $55,000 for men.

— Graduate Careers Australia, GradStats, Dec. 2015

Being a student

Universities are filled with people with differing needs and commitments who want to gain knowledge and skills in a particular area.  No matter where you are in life, you may need to juggle work, study and family. 

It's common for students to change their lives to fit in study.  Education is a challenge, but also very rewarding.

How long will it take?

While studying three years for a bachelor degree and up to four years for an apprenticeship, you may feel it is a large time commitment.  However, those few years can be a valuable investment in gaining the skills and knowledge required in your area of interest for your future.

Fact: 69% of 2014 bachelor degree graduates found full-time work within four months of completing their degree.

— Graduate Careers Australia, GradStats, Dec. 2015

Making plans

Some of you may know exactly what you want to do, so the decision about going on to higher education is straightforward. But for others, it can be really hard to make a decision.

The fact is, you don’t have to make the ‘right’ decision you have options to change your mind and your subjects.  Going on to higher education opens doors, even if they turn out to be different to those you imagined at the start.

Different paths for different people

Take a look at the successful people around you. Talk to your teachers or other people you know who are doing jobs they seem to enjoy. Ask them how they got to where they are now. Their stories may surprise you.

Cathy's story

'Making the decision to study was not hard, but working it all out in reality was a bit challenging.'

— Cathy , 29 Studying business

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