Making some decisions

If you know it’s time to make a decision, or you’re getting the urge to make a change but you don’t have a plan yet, then first off you should find someone who can give you some good advice.

You might have just started looking for a career and you have found that the answers haven’t come to you straight away.  If you're still at school, then you'll probably have a career advisor who will look at your school results, talk to you about what you like doing or what interests you have and then suggest a range of careers you might like to consider. Or you could talk to one of your senior teachers. 

TAFE, the Canberra Institute of Technology (CIT) and universities also have careers advisors and you can talk to them about your options.  If you know someone who has a job that you would really like to do yourself one day, you can always ask them what paths lead them to that job.

Keep an open mind

Focus on the things you enjoy, try to locate your strengths and work out what you consider to be most worthwhile in your future life, you might find your options start to open up. It is all about thinking without limitations.

Don’t be put off

You may face some negative comments about the decision you make. Your parents might have lots of objections and your friends may think the option you choose won’t take you anywhere. Talk through each of the issues for your own benefit as well as theirs, but stay focused on your end goal. Be patient with your parents and your friends, but try to persuade them that what you want to do is worthwhile and explain why you are motivated to go for it. See the Talking to family and friends page for lots of tips on how to prepare for these conversations.

It would be a relief to have their help and support throughout your studies. Look around for other support too from other people in your community or talk to the careers centre at the institution where you plan to study. There are lots of support services out there to assist you.