How to apply and further assistance

You have written your goals, armed yourself with options and now you are ready to get your application in and make it happen.

Getting your application ready

Some applications require different things. You may need a certain ATAR, or to present a written application or a portfolio, or go through an interview process. You might even need to audition. Each course has its own requirements and these relate directly to the concepts and skills you will be learning in the course. 

What if I change my mind?

You can change your course preferences up to a certain date and many institutions also allow you to defer for a year or opt out of your course entirely without paying (it needs to be before a certain date so you don’t get charged). Take note of all the crucial dates when applying and if unclear, check with the institution directly.

How do I apply if I am not a current school leaver?

Lots of people take different routes into further education. If you don’t have an ATAR, nor the HSC or you graduated a while ago, you still need to follow the application processes set out by the institution you are applying to.

First stop

Your first stop in getting help should be the institution’s website. It will include information on the courses offered and how to apply. It may also have an area for frequently asked questions based on the most common things people ask about.

Getting further help

If your query is more complicated, there will always be someone you can speak with. Nearly every college, university, TAFE or training organisation has an admissions department that looks after new and intending students. The best way to get your questions answered may be to call them and talk with a course advisor, course coordinator or careers counsellor.

Have a face-to-face chat

Finally, you may be able to visit the institution in person and have a one-on-one chat with a customer service person who can help you. The Universities Admissions Centre has a customer service centre that is open weekdays to assist applicants with their enquiries.